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HTT performed in London and now HTT is one of the most famous rock band in the world !!
K-ON! limited items which are only available in Japan are released periodically, and K-ON! Store provides those items world first.
Enjoy the hottest news and items from Japan in K-ON! Store!

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K-ON! the Movie describes HTT's daily life before graduation of HTT original members.
They have lots of events in the Movie:
- Graduation journey to London and 2 Live performances there
- 2 Live Performances at school(one last time live in the classroom and a live only for Azusa)
- The background story how the song "Tenshi-ni-Fureta-Yo!(Touched by an Angel)"
  is created during the London trip.
In this store ,we offer K-ON! Club so that you can follow-up new information and items of K-ON!.
The club also covers the story of Azusa's K-ON! and HTT at university, so if you are interested in
their life after the movie just join the K-ON! Club at the left-hand side menu of this site.
Enjoy the world of K-ON! the Movie !

 Alter Mio Figure
  K-ON! Movie Best Selling No.1
    K-ON! Yui Special Figurine with Guitar !

     Yui's Best Figurine for you!
    What about joining HTT together with this Yui with Gitah ?
    Her guitar "Gitah" is also amazingly well made in details,
    you can almost enjoy playing the guitar, too !
    This figurine will be one of your best K-ON! collection !

Store Manager Masa's Comment
You cannot talk about K-ON! without Yui and the guitar.
This figure is also one of my permanent collection of K-ON! figures, and I am quite sure it becomes so also for you!

Figures of other members of course available !


Movie Premium Figures complete set
  K-ON! Movie Best Selling No.2
  K-ON! Movie Limited Figurines Complete Set

   Your room will become the world of K-ON! Movie!
   Yui, Mio, Azusa, Ritsu, Mugi, all the members in cute
   This complete set is the 2nd famous item in this store!

Store Manager Masa's Comment
Charming HTT members figurines, the clothes they wear are of during London stay.
I love to show all the members together, they really make my room "K-ON! room".
What about making your room the same as mine?


Azusa Special T-shirt
  K-ON! Movie Best Selling No.3
    Azusa : Full Graphic T-Shirt

    Azusa's super cute T-shirt is back !
    The combination of Azusa's charming smile and
    the stars printed are really cute !
    This is ultimate Azu-nyan T-shirt☆

Store Manager Masa's Comment
I am really glad to hear from the manufacturer that the T-shirt is back again.
Decorate your room with this cute Azusa and feel the air of K-ON!!

Movie Bathroom Poster
  K-ON! Movie Best Selling No.4
    K-ON! Limited Large Size Bathroom Poster
      You need nothing else for the summer!
      Large size (51.5cm X 72.8cm) waterproof poster
      both for your room and for your bathroom.
      Having a shower with cute HTT members!
      How nice !

Store Manager Masa's Comment
Yes, the poster is cute. And the size of the poster really fits for bathroom!
It is natural that HTT in swimwear items get sold out really quick.



Theater Booklet
  K-ON! Movie Best Selling No.5
    K-ON! the Movie Theater Booklet

    Theater booklet was only available at theaters in Japan.
    It includes lots of artworks of the movie, lke storyboards,
    character settings, performance stage scene settings etc.
    Really good to know the details of the Movie!

Store Manager Masa's Comment
Actually this Booklet is one of the most recommended items in this store.
K-ON! fans cannot miss this Booklet !

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