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Item Description

K-ON! Bathroom Poster (Waterproof)

Price: US$79.99 (tax incl.)

K-ON! Bathroom Poster (Waterproof) 

Change your bathroom with Super Cute Bathroom Poster!

HTT at seaside, perfect fit for your bathroom !

The size is large enough (51.5cm X 72.8cm) to see the details from anywhere in your bathroom!

Mugi winking at the left most, then Azusa eating icecream in her well known swimwear!

Yui is hanging a headphone on her neck.


Mio and Ritsu are on the right side of the poster.




Example of putting the poster in your bathroom(the poster used is of another anime, you can enjoy K-ON! like this!).


Store manager Masa's comment

This poster is the cutest K-ON! poster(you may have no objection,right?) !

You can put it on the wall by just making the poster wet using your shower, and it can be put on and off again and again whenever you like.

Of course you can put it on the wall of your room .



Economy international shipping(registered) from Japan.

*The release of this Poster will be in September.


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K-ON! Bathroom Poster (Waterproof)

Price: US$79.99 (tax incl.)
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